Recommended Resources

Recommended Resources

These are some of the things I highly recommend and use personally.

I treasure these gems in my online marketing toolbox.


Aweber Autoresponder:



I use Aweber.  It’s the gold standard for email deliver ability, and more important, is really the crux of your whole business.  never skimp on your autoresponder.  Your list IS your business.  Your allegiance should ALWAYS be to your list rather than a particular MLM company.  Period.

I also use iContact as a secondary autoresponder, which I use to import leads from GoToWebinar registrations.  iContact allows you to import lists (which Aweber does not) – and you can get a fully free trial.  If I were starting over, I would look into icontact. (Note: Since icontact I’ve found Sendpepper which is waaaaay better.  Read more below.)

Here is a quick video overview I recorded on icontact:

Multi-Dimensional Marketing

This is following up with autoresponders, SMS and direct mail simultaneously.

call loop

You can integrate SMS Text messaging and voice broadcasts with Aweber using Call Loop.

You can get 50 free messages using the link above.


I also am a big fan of Office AutoPilot.  It is like Aweber on steriods – which would be overkill for some people but as you become full-time integrating all these things together become more important.

A baby brother to Office AutoPilot is Sendpepper.  If I had to start all over again, I would start with SendPepper instead of Aweber.  Not that Aweber is bad, but I really like the more CRM setup of Sendpepper and the way emails are organized from the perspective of on online marketer.  Plus you can start doing direct mail and postcards – all integrated into Sendpepper.

Sendpepper and OAP have an iphone app that tracks leads.


Contact Management:

oprius crm

Oprius is designed specifically for Network Marketers

If you’re organizing leads on paper, they’re not searchable.  You won’t follow-up effectively.  And you’ll lose sales.

I recommend Oprius.  It helps tracking prospects through your sales process (or processes if you promote multiple business opportunities), and the real value will come at some point in the future, when you realize how many successful network marketers and internet marketers you’ve met over the years.  Trust me on this one!

Professional network marketers use a professional CRM.

Oprius Review (and bonus)

UPDATE: I am now using Office Autopilot, which is more robust and multi-featured.  It blows Oprius away.  If I were starting out, I would start building my list on SendPepper – because you can actually TRACK your leads and literally see which pages they have seen on your site and how long they have been on your site.  Totally Ninja!  Basically one you are ready for more features, you can just upgrade to Office AutoPilot without any issues or downtime.


Streaming Audio and Testimonial Management:



For recording conference calls, collecting testimonials, putting audio on your websites and blogs, putting videos on your websites and blogs, and now sizzle calls and hotlines.

Byoaudio.  Simple.  Easy.  Effective.  Theyalso have a cool iphone app now.


Tax & Receipt Management

Make taxes & bookkeeping easier with

Shoeboxed is awesome. Even better with an iPhone as you can just take a picture of a receipt then throw it away and shoeboxed enters the data manually and even categorizes it for you! IRS-approved!  Click on the banner to get a free account.

Seriously, if you are not keeping track of your receipts, you are losing money.

Here’s my super-simple book-keeping system.

I have 2 bins I use.  All year, I throw business purchases from my business debit card or from my business credit cards into 1 bin.  I file this into a large envelope at the end of the year.  Since by bookkeeper does my books from my statements I keep these for 7 years just in case.

In the other bin, I collect my cash receipts and gas receipts.  These I mail to Shoeboxed about every month or so.  I am on the annual plan, and the amount of time it would take me to scan and then type all the details on the receipt out is a waste of time.  So I just shove these in an envelope and send it off to Shoeboxed and give this to my bookkeeper as an export at the end of every quarter.


Optimizepress WP Theme

Optimizepress is a WordPress theme that creates high converting squeeze pages, sales pages and product funnel pages.  Personally, I think it’s one of the grossly under-priced products I’ve ever seen.  it is my de-facto theme to install on nearly every new site.




quoting proposal software Quote Roller

QuoteRoller is the fastest way to deliver and electronically agree (legally) on quotes.

When I do custom quotes, like I did recently for the NDP campaign in Nova Scotia, I use quoteroller to price jobs, invoice and allow clients to pay me quickly.

(They can pay via Paypal or check).

The best part is setting up custom templates, which you can re-use, and the coup-de-gras is the abiltiy to send a video proposal.

For example, if I’m re-working somebody’s blog, I can screen-record and explain what needs to change and how I intend to change it.

Great charts, graphs and UI, which makes doing a quote at least a little fun.

Check out QuoteRoller here.



Maxemail gives me a dedicated virtual fax machine for $14.95/yr.  I get a dedicated fax phone number, and all faxes go directly to my email as a PDF attachment.




Rapportive is a super-secret spy tool for Gmail.  Free!  It cuts down your lead cost significantly.  It allows you to literally spy on your leads and interact with them even if they didn’t use a valid phone number when they opted-in.  Seriously cool!


Check out a video I cut on how I use Rapportive.


Google Apps

I use google apps for documents, so I can use GMAIL with my email accounts registered on my own domain (like

This gives your business a better professionalism – which prospects are looking for.

Free to start, until you fill up your email like I just did :-)

Get Google Apps



I use phonetag to automatically transcribe my voicemail messages.

Phonetag is checked by real humans, so it’s very accurate.  For $29/mo it’s like having a virtual secretary.  It saves my SOOOO much time.  Plus, it acts as a searchable record for voicemail messages in my Google Apps (Gmail) account.

Phonetag requires conditional call forwarding.  This is available on cell phones, all business phone systems, and some personal phone lines.  I have to transfer my phone number from the residual side of my phone carrier to the business side to make it work.  But it is a lifesaver.  The time you save is unbelievable!  Checking phone messages the old way is a low-value activity and you’ll never be on top of all your calls.

Start a FREE trial of Phonetag



Want to keep your number private?  Want to set up your company to have multiple extensions?  Or if you live in Canada, like I do, certain cell phone won’t allow a direct call to a Canadian number.  So I have a dedicated US number that forwards wherever I want it to.

Use Grasshopper.  I do!


Vcita – Scheduler and Lead Generator

This is a great little tool for creating free leads for your blog.  It also saves time by helping to schedule things much better using a centralized system that integrates with Google Calendar.
Get More Clients with Proactive Contact Form

Here’s a video explaining how and why I use vcita:



Dropbox is an essential tool if you have more than 1 computer.  And it’s free.  For both PC and MAC.

Read my post on how I use dropbox.



I used to clip ideas and code and all kinds of stuff in text files.  What a mess.  Now I just use Evernote.  It also can hold PDFs, photos, videos – anything.  Plus it’s accessible online from anywhere in the world.  Supports both MAC and PC from desktop.

And free.

Download Evernote and get organized.


Domain Registrations:

I use both GoDaddy and Namecheap. but I tend to use namecheap much more frequently as I prefer their interface and order process significantly.


Screen Recording:

I use Screenflow to record on my MAC and Camtasia Studio 8 to record on my PC.

For short recordings I often use the cross-platform free JingPro (which has a limit of 5 minutes) or Snagit, (MAC and PC) which is reasonably priced and is also captures images.  If you want to do longer screen recordings on a PC, you can use the opensource CamStudio.

It’s always great to keep backups in the cloud.  Local backups are not enough.   This is a good automatic backup service. 

Custom Lead Capture Pages:

We now do custom lead capture pages for network marketers.  We also do SEO for hire.  And if you need a whole marketing funnel built, or a replicated system for your team or company?  You know who to call.

No, not Ghostbusters, call me, bro!

Hit me up on my contact page if you are interested in this or have a question about any other service listed here or not.