DS Domination Review

DS Domination is completely different than any other “make money” opportunity.

And there are several reasons why you should take a look at at – especially if you have failed at any home business before in the past.

I’ll reveal exactly what that is in a minute, but first, you need to understand the backstory…

DS Domination

My DS Domination Review:

DS Domination is a bit of a weird name – because it even took me a while to figure out what the DS stood for.  It stands for Drop Ship Domination.

DS Domination is the brainchild of Roger Langille, one of the real kings at making money of ebay.  In fact, he was one of the very first pioneers who started to make a full-time income listing items on ebay, selling them for more, and not touching a single packing box.

The whole magic of drop shipping is that you can make money and not touch a single box.  You simply list items, and whatever sells, you just drop-ship it to your customer from the vendor (let’s say Amazon.)

Roger Langille has been teaching ebay for at least 4 years.

DS Domination

Andrew Murray, Roger Langille and crew

He has made over $1.2 Million dollars in gross revenue per year when he was actively listing and is a verified power seller.  Here is his info:

Now Roger is actually a friend of mine.  We’ve gone on trips together, hung out, and shared meals.  He and his wife are living in North Carolina, but he was born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada.  (So he’s always craving Donairs.)

But seriously, Roger and I worked on the same team and were neck and neck in recruiting in the MLM company we were both formerly a part of, Visalus Sciences.

DS Domination

The other people who are behind DS Domination are Kevin Hokoana, and Hitesh (the programer/marketer who puts together the funnels.)

DS Domination: The Costs

Basically DS costs $19.95/mo for the Pro level.

You can learn how to make a full-time income on ebay.

But the interesting thing is that, unlike affiliate marketing which has an extremely high failure rate, Roger has a stack of people who are making a six-figure income with ebay.

Like DJ, this kid from California.  Absolutely crushing it – for years – using Roger’s system.

In fact, last year, I took some of Roger Langilles ebay training testimonials and mixed a few of them together.  (I enjoy video editing.)  Here is the video I edited for Roger:

Some of the source videos weren’t of the highest quality, but you can see DJ’s story and a few other people making a full-time income with this incredible eBay system.


But the striking thing about ebay – is the people who are just making a couple thousand dollars a month.  There are hundreds of Rogers students that maybe do this part-time and are making between one and 3 thousands dollars a month.  Maybe not enough to support a family full-time, but certainly a great consistent income.

And this works for people who do NOT want to:

* get on the phone
* pitch friends and family
* do the whole mlm thing
* buy 3 times the amount of products you use every month

In other words, average people who would normally fail in network marketing, are making life-changing money here – by implementing the eBay trainings that Roger reveals.

DS Domination is the next level.  After years of training one-on-on and in private, paid skype groups, DS Domination is the best, clearest instructions that show you every single step live.

So even if you have ZERO knowledge about ebay, you can just watch the videos and implement.

The nice thing about ebay is that it is a huge market.  There are an infinite number of products that you can sell.  (And Roger even shows you how to copy some of the top sellers with a crazy little trick so you don’t even have to THINK about what you need to list!)

In fact, you can check out the webinar and see how easy this is to do in real time.




He actually explains how to do this on this webinar.  So you can even get some of these gold nuggets for FREE!

Why you need DS Domination?

So some people wonder – why should I join, if Roger teaches me for free on the webinar (above)…
The main thing is that if you really start listing on ebay, you’ll run into problems.  You’ll have questions that have a simple answer that you will struggle with unless you have a clear step-by-step solution.

The cost of not being a member is much higher than simply being a member.

And it doesn’t take a lost of listings to make make your money back.

Roger Langille, Founder of DS Domination:

So here’s what Roger Langille thinks about me:

Little dark, but Roger likes working late, lol.

And here’s what Kevin Hokoana (the other DS Domination partner) said about working with me and my wife, Marie Torres:

Kevin Hokoana (DS Domination Founder) about Marie Torres

Kevin Hokoana (DS Domination Founder) about Andrew Murray

How To Market DS Domination:

Obviously, after being on the top of the leaderboard with Visalus, which at the time had over 180,000 reps, I know how to market.

I have created a special suite of training videos on a private page – just for members of our team.  So if you join with me directly, or if you join ANYONE under me, you can get access to those videos.

You will also get access to the custom-made capture pages I use, which have tested and proven conversion rates.

We also do periodic webinar training – where I will reveal the honey-holes where I’m marketing and let you copy my success.

We also have proven copy-and-paste emails and Facebook status updates you can use to promote this.

So if you want all these goodies, you’ll want to join my team here.

Why Promote DS Domination:

I am very selective about picking programs to promote.  I’ve made my share of mistakes in the past.  But what I love about DS Domination is that it converts.  Across the board, there is a solid 34% upgrade conversion rate.

In just over a month, I’ve already earned over $12,000 with this program!  All without picking up the phone and pitching anybody!  Here’s the proof:

DS Domination

Plus, the retention is incredible.  That only happens because this a product that ACTUALLY works.  People can DO this.  And they do.  They have success with this system – even if they’ve failed at everything else before!

In fact, I have people on my old Visalus team who struggled for over a year – and with DS Domination – they are making money for the first time – almost like magic.

But here’s the truth.  I made over $6K in my first 3 weeks.  Without heavy promoting and without telling ANYONE about it on the phone.  I wanted to prove that it converted without me having to get on the phone and sell – because selling on the phone is not duplicatable.  But sending out emails and running some ads on Facebook – that’s totally duplicatable!

DS Domination

My DS Domination Income Proof (3 weeks)

And that’s why this is such a remarkable opportunity.

Let’s face it.  There are so many business opportunities online.  So many.  You need to pick a special one and run with it.  You need an income opportunity with a WIDE appeal.    And the widest appeal is having a product that actually teaches making money.

And we have a FREE marketing system for everyone on our team, and it even integrates with your own Aweber and Getresponse account.  It’s what I’m using and I’m on the all-time sales leaderboard – so I know it works!

DS Domination

But DS Domination is special.  Because it works for people that fail in their network marketing opportunities – there is a huge untapped market here.  You an just market to people that are realizing that a traditional MLM is not going to work for them – and that’s exactly what I will teach you how to do if you join my team.

It’s a double dip opportunity,  Most business builders get into their MLM company not for the product, but for the income plan.  But with DS  Domination, you have people joining for both.  And there is a synergy in that that helps the average guy become successful with it.

So whether you join to promote it, or just join to make money on eBay, you win!

PS – We also have a private team-only Facebook group.  So whether you want to join because of the incredible opportunity to promote it – or whether you just want to learn how to make money with ebay without talking to anyone or learning anything about marketing and driving traffic, this works for you.

Join DS Domination With Us

DS Domination

Andrew & Marie (And Jack!)