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Here’s Why I Can Help You Build Numis Network.

You’re probably on this page because you’ve found Numis Network. And you thinking about joining. Here’s why I think I can help you have more success if you join Numis Network on my team.

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 Got a quick question? Ready to join? Call me at 203-400-6515. But first, here’s a quick bit about me:


numis network andrew murray

I won the Peak Performer Award in 2009.


I’ve been making a multiple six-figure income in a top tier opportunities since 2005 with my wife, Marie Torres. I started Network Marketing in 2001, as I was finishing up University.

I’ve been full-time in the industry since 2004.

I’ve made over $1/4 Million Dollars in a single year in Network Marketing. (Actually I’ve done this consistently since 2005.)

I’ve developed my own products, created marketing systems, run my own seminars, and won awards and prizes for my products.

The last time I did a traditional MLM (like a binary) was in 2003. So you can see I’m not the kind of person who gets pulled in by hype. But I’m soooo stoked about Numis. I’ll tell you why in a bit, but first…

Here’s Why I can help you build Numis Network bigger than anybody else:


A quick note on positioning and marketing funnels.

We are tied into a strong spillover leg with Ray Higdon. Call me and I’ll tell you about how we use the binary, and how we are currently building our positions in Numis.

We also have access to the John Stalvey funnel, PLUS the Team Takeover Marketing Funnel, plus our own exclusive marketing funnel that is AWESOME converting against people looking at other companies. I’ll explain about our “underground funnel” just for our team also when you call.

1. I’m passionate about investing. I started investing in February 2008, and loved it. I’ve got tons of resources that will convince prospects of the value of investing in non-dollar denominated investments, like gold, silver (which has more upside than even gold), and coins

I have gold and platinum bullion in multiple private vaults in Switzerland and the UK.  I have thousands of dollars socked away in James Turk’s Goldmoney account. And I have tucked away in my home gold coins, silver coins, and art that is worth tens of thousands of dollars. I’m telling you this for one reason: this was all before Numis Network.

I’ll be able to close MORE sales for you because I know this stuff.

So if your goal is true wealth, I can help you get there even beyond the scope of Numis Network.

2. Last year, before I’d even heard about Numis, I created a product that I call “How To Get Rich.” It’s a video training course I created packed with nearly 2 hours worth of content about how the wealthy think about businesses, money and investments.

This was the culmination of my 10-year passion with studying what the wealthy do, how they think, and how they act.

I was going to turn this into the core part of a $197 home study course. But…

Our team can use this as a FREE DVD that is a ultra-high converting marketing funnel around so members of my team can give this product away in order to create the best, most responsive leads online and offline.

(Actually 2 of my direct upline mates have tons of experience – and success – in this also.)
I’m super-excited about this! numis network leaders andrew murray and marie torres

We’ve had out story featured in the Home Business Connection Magazine in a multi-page spread.

We know online and offline marketing, and currently we have a 1/4 page ad in the magazine right now promoting our new internet marketing training course.

Now, you’ll also get access to that course as a member of our team


3. Watch this video where I explain why and how we have the experience to teach people who work with us on our team HOW to market…


4. Network Marketing creates long-term income. It requires team-building skills. And the right kind of leadership.

I have both of these.

In a former company, I built that companies most successful downline. Since the company did not release specific sales data, I quantify this by the fact that my team, which was relatively small at the time, had the most members (vs all of the other teams) who won sales awards.

I did this with training calls, an exclusive team-training site, and teaching people marketing strategies that actually worked. In fact, this training was so effective, and produced so many results that people on different teams complained that my team had a special advantage. (I’d have to agree with them.)

Testimonials? You bet. I’ve got tons here.

Here’s one from a guy you probably know :-)

mike dillard testimonial numis network

5. I’m 100% committed to building Numis Network.

I have not found a traditional MLM that excited me enough to be involved with since 2003. This is the kind of revolutionary product that keeps me up at night.

And it should be keeping you up too. Why?

Most people are unaware that Network Marketing generally has horrible attrition rates. Let’s pick on one of the big names in the “pills and potions” world: Melaleuca.

They claim a 95% reorder rate. That that you’ll have 5% attrition per month! So after a full year, you’ll have only 54.1% of your downline intact. 49.5% of your downline is gone!

Now another industry secret: the residual income really comes from product users. People who use the product and keep buying it. Here’s a killer stat I just found out. One of my upline, who has 1320 people in his organization has 1250 who are still getting autoship after 6 months. That’s unheard of, and the reason that I have come back to traditional MLM.

People LOVE getting these coins, and the cost is low enough to keep them on autoship! This is an unprecedented opportunity.

Plus, this is the kind of product you can actually feel comfortable selling to people you know – even to your Mom! Because they’re just buying assets!

6. I’m a sales award winner. Here are a couple pictures of my winning the top sales award in a former company… Twice!

numis network award winner

Andrew Murray Winning Marketing Awards


7. Part of network marketing is being there to help YOU close sales. I will do that for you.

In fact, yesterday I just brought 6 personal sales into my Numis Network business. But not only that, I think 4 of them have extensive network marketing experience, and are what you might call “Heavy Hitters.”

8. The Binary: The binary is a unique plan. It can create a ton of spillover. That’s why you want to be under a strong team, like the one I’m a part of. Without mentioning names, there’s a lot of people you’ll be glad are also on this team. Call me at 902-472-2260203-400-6515 and I’ll talk more about this in detail.

But there are some tweaks to the binary than make the income much higher than in a traditional binary plan.

TeamTakeOver is going to dominate this comp plan. We are part of TeamTakeover, and also have some additional marketing resources that are private to our downline team.

Make no mistake: I am knocking this out of the park. And the people who join with me will benefit from ALL of that spillover. Act swiftly.

9. I’m a marketing guru.

I know internet marketing inside-and-out. I know free strategies, I know paid strategies. And I know how to outsource your marketing so somebody else is doing the manual labor-type stuff. I’m so big on outsourcing, I’m going to show you how to outsource many of the time-intensive “free” methods of marketing if you join my team in Numis Network.

But I’m not just saying I’m a guru. I’ve actually got the product to prove it. Click here and you’ll see my internet marketing training course, MLMZing. Then make your own decision about how MUCH I can help you in terms of marketing and creating a passive residual income in Numis Network.

NEW: You Get This $297 Course FREE when you join our team. Plus, you can give it for FREE to customers or distributors who join you in Numis Network in our group!

Andrew Murray 4-Star Numis Network Rep

Here’s what you need to be successful in a Numis Network in 2011:

  1. The best mentor you can find.
  2. The best marketing strategy you can find.
  3. A mentor who can help you integrate that marketing system into a lead-generating machine for YOU

The bottom line is that success is no accident. It takes making the right decisions and following through on them with action.

It’s about quality leads… because more customers and prospects flowing into your business means that you have a greater capacity to make money in the future.

Consider this example.

I have a lead funnel that generates leads AT A PROFIT to me. We have a video that explains how this works. You get to use this same funnel also!

If you actually stop and think about it, it’s like you are buying money at a discount. In this scenario, you get 387 high-quality, PPC leads AND a passive profit of $400 a month!

Heck, I’ll bet even if you sucked at talking to people, you could make a good $5-$10K a month with lead stream like that!

And that’s what I’m going to set up for everyone on my team!


But we have a secret weapon…
Most people don’t want the hassle of learning about marketing. They just want to get high-quality leads, that opt-in on their lead capture pages – and want to be signed up in your business.Well,we have a full-time Pay-Per-Click expert on staff, who can get you the exact quality and quantity of high-quality leads you need.

And that’s the only thing you need to really, really dominate in Numis Network.



Now, I want you to read that last yellow box again. And ask yourself this question:

“If I could show you how to generate very high-quality leads” (remember we’re after quality – no quality and you might as well buy a bunch of leads from some lead broker to walk up to strangers in a mall. “Would you call them and sign them up in your Numis Network business?”

If you answered yes, you’re ready to join our team. In fact, I would almost be willing to bet that you’ve never had such an opportunity cross your path. Learning how to generate the supremo-quality leads that myself and the other top marketers in the industry enjoy is the one big thing.

It’s easy to get started, 100% risk free.


Why Numis Network Makes Sense

Did I mention that Numisis the only Network Marketing company I know of where you’re buying assets and increasing your net worth every month?



1.) What are your limitations?

I just started Numis Network. While I have set up custom marketing funnels that have produced hundreds of thousands of dollars in net revenue, my private marketing system for members of my team is probably 2 weeks away. I have not worked a traditional binary since 2003. (Although, because I’ve been in the industry, I think I understand it’s benefits and limitations better than just about anyone. I certainly know how to guide you to get the maximum value from it.)


2.) Do people who join me get access to these same advantages?

Absolutely. The system was created with that end in mind – so that a brand new person on my team could offer this same cutting edge system to every new team member. This is important. Network Marketing requires that you help your downline. That’s how we all make more money.


3.) Why should I join you, Andrew & Marie?

We’ve won the gold sales award twice. We’ve had the most members of our team win awards vs other teams We’ve made over $78,000 in a SINGLE month! We’ve won the 2009 Peak Performer Award We’ve created systems that get results for our team members. We’re certain this same marketing system will work for you.


4.) What’s The Next Step?

Call me. I’ll explain the details of how I get people started, and some of my own proprietary marketing tools that virtually guarantee your success. Then I let you decide. You tell me if it sounds good and we get started — or not. I’m a marketer – NOT a sales guy. And that’s why such a high percentage of my team members go on to see similar success rates. So contact me:

Phone: 203-400-6515

Together, we’ll DOMINATE this business. Looking forward to chatting soon, Andrew Murray join numis network

PS – You’ll see there’s an opt-in on this page. There’s a

reason for that. If you’re interested, just call or opt-in. But

when you join with me and my team, I have made a commitment to help

you. And I don’t take that responsibility lightly.

So if you’re thinking of joining

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